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Welcome to the Delaware Council of Activity Professionals, Inc (DCAP) website.

About DCAP

DCAP was established in 1975 and incorporated as a professional organization in 1990. It has come to be recognized by the eldercare community healthcare providers and regulatory agencies, as an organization that promotes and advocates the highest possible quality of life for the population, (primarily elderly) it serves. DCAP is known as an outstanding source of information, resources and educational opportunities.

Membership currently represents nursing homes, adult day services, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, independent living, and senior centers.

DCAP promotes and encourages membership in National Association of Activity Professionals, (NAAP) and certification through the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals, (NCCAP). We are proud that two DCAP members are past members of NCCAP Board of Directors.

DCAP Board of Directors
President: Shelly Hitchens, ADC
Vice President: Bonnie Dempsey, ADC
Treasurer: Angela Lewandowski, ADC
Secretary: Cinda Wilson

President's Note

December 12, 2022

Dear Activity Professional:

With understanding the Covid related issues we are trying to regroup and continue with our Professional Organization of Delaware Council of Activity Professionals.

Our last reach out response to continuing Delaware Council of Activity Professionals we received several interested responses, but our first meeting held in New Castle we had only a minimal response that attended the meeting and the second meeting in Kent County we had two attend and it was myself and Bonnie the Vice-President. We are concerned that the Delaware Council will no longer be able to fulfill the By-Laws and remain an active viable organization. With this in mind we are reaching out to see if everyone will put forth the effort to attend meetings sowe can remain avaluable organization. We need to decide before the end ofthe year. We have already missed elections for the new terms and failed the By-laws, membership dues are due in January and March is a Conference month.

Please reach out to one of the Board Members as soon as possible so we can make a decision to continue with the Delaware Council of Activity Professionals. If you have any ideas that would help us to continue with a viable organization please feel free to let one of us know.

Shelly Hitchens, ADC, CDP
DCAP President

Shelly Hitchens, ADC, CDP - President
302-947-4200 Ext. 341

Nicole Jingozian ADC, CDP - Vice President

Angela Lewandowski, ADC, CDP - Treasure

Cinda Wilson ADC, CDP - Secretary

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Send mail to shelly.hitchens@cadiahealthcare.com with questions or comments.
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